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Give Me Some Backup Solutions!

With the rapid development of science and technology nowadays,  every file is stored in our hosting or server. But can your host backup?  Some hosts can't be backed up. If you need backup, you need to buy additional. Backup is very important for us to ensure that your data will not get lost.

The charges for backups in the market are as follows
  1. Monthly fees.
  2. No charge, backup in your existing server.
  3. External backup, copy your data into another server.

We can set different backup times,  and we can choose to backup every ten days. Some banks or large companies choose to back up two or three times a day.  Even hourly backups. Of course,  industries with high security requirements will backup more frequently,  such as banks.

The price of each backup is different. We will choose the right backup for you according to your company's situation. Whatever the website is, it requires backup.
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Let's Create a Multi-Level Commission System

Let's Create a Multi-Level Commission System

Multilevel / unilevel marketing system, also known as MLM System. We've built MLM for about 50 companies through the years. Therefore, our company is fully capable of helping you make the MLM you want as long as your request is reasonable.

In addition, our team has advantages in time. As long as your requirements are clear,  we will deliver the goods within the time you required.  Let's say you need delivery in one month, no problem.  If it's urgent and needs a week's delivery,  we can do the same.  We have full of ability to do that,  and will make the customer 100% satisfied with our serviece.
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Improve Your SEO Rank!

Improve Your SEO Rank!
SEO which means Search Engine Optimization. Its main purpose is to get your website ranked by Google or Baidu.

If you put your website in SEO, there are two aspects to be noted:

  • On-PAGE Setup must be well optimized (This includes website text, pictures download speed, links, copywriting. Because every single piece of elements in the website will be related to the ranking of SEO, if you scores high, of course, ranking high)
  • Quality External Link (What does that mean? It means are there many sites that include links of your site? Such as Facebook or other famous social media. If you are able to get a link exchange with your similar industry website, that is perfect link!)
Well optimized website must do well in on-page optimization and off-page link building. 
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Email Marketing Is Important To You!

When it comes to Email blasting , everyone is familiar with it. But some people say: I don't like to read emails. So let me ask you, if you use WeChat today, will you continue to use WeChat in the future? Or WhatsApp?

The answer is no!! Because each of us will change according to the trend of the society. You don't use email today doesn't mean you won't use it later. It is also very powerful function, as long as we do it well. It will show you unexpected effects. There are a few steps to getting your email done.
  1. Make it clear and simple.
  2. Send the message simply way.
  3. Know when to send emails (morning or night).
  4. to be humanized:For example, if your email is about sales and promotions,  use bold red colors. While If your role is to share something , using red is not the initial choice.
To sum up,  if you send an email at the right time,  it will definitely work. It doesn’t mean you send an email and it returns you apparently. It's a long-term strategy that usually takes one to two years.

The final advantage is that you can strengthen your brand through sending email. Customers don't buy your products today because they don't know your company.  When it needs your services,  I am sure will think of you and do business with you. The power of mailboxes lies not in the front but in the back. It ask for long term operation.
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Do You Know Domain Registration?

Do You Know Domain Registration?

When it comes to Domain Registration, it is a sure thing that everyone is familiar with it which is www(dot). Domain Registration has two types:
  1. interNIC domain: .com .net .org.
  2. Country specific domain:
The difference between The interNIC and country specific domain are as follows:
  1. The interNIC domain is usually cheaper
  2. The interNIC one is easy to register while country specific domain needs to have the company registration number to be registered. Such
Some people buy it for investment. They publish their domains in the domain auction portal like Sometimes a good domain name can sell for as much as USD $9,000 or even USD $20,000 or more.
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How to Build a Success Ecommerce Business?

It is a sure thing that every company must in E-commerce in the near future. Why?

Because with the development of technology and society, the new shopping way has replaced the traditional one. If you prefer to build an E-commerce Website, here are some tips you need to plan:
ie. PayPal, iPay88, MolPay, etc...
ie. charge by item, by weight
tips: many success ecommerce owner spend at least 8 hours in a day in their online marketing activities.
  1. What tools do you use to collect money? 
  2. How do you charge for the postage?
  3. Must work full-time, not part-time?
Some people may curious about that, why should I take it as a full-time job instead of part-time?
Because there are 90% customers treat it as a part-time job and It turned out to be a failure. If you are willing to devote 100% of your energy to business, or find an expert to be responsible for it, the success rate can be achieved 80% - 90%. Therefore, if you want to be succeed, please don’t regard it as a part-time job, invest 100% or recruit the right person to manage them, in this way,you are very close to success.
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MIUI Goes Open Source

MIUI Goes Open Source

MIUI Goes Open Source

If you're into Android rooting and modding, chances are you will have heard about the popular replacement ROM known as 'MIUI.' In-case you haven't, MIUI is a ROM by Xiaomi, a Chinese tech company, and is based in Android Gingerbread v2.3.7. Unlike your typical version of Android, this ROM provides you with the awesomeness of Android amazingly combined with the great look and feel of iOS, providing a unique user experience.
Now, for the first time, MIUI has gone open-source and can be found on GitHub. These are a couple of MIUI applications and the ROM. That's not all, expect more source to be revealed in the near future.
This ROM was originally designed in Chinese, and was not intended to be translated or be available for people in the other parts of the world, so a big advantage of it being open sourced is that the modding community will take it upon themselves to translate it and also make it available for many new devices, like the hundreds that CyanogenMod supports, which is at present the most popular ROM available for android yet.
Now that its open source, we're probably going to see some crazy mods and what not.
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