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Mobile Payment Gateway vs Credit Card

There are several brands of Payment Gateway.  Such as Touch-N-Go Pay,  Boost Pay,  Alipay, Wechatpay, they all belongs to mobile payment gateway. It makes our payment more convenient and efficient. But some people don't know whether it's good or bad for us to simplify the payment way greatly.
Generally speaking, when you pay through mobile payment gateway in Malaysia, the bank has no access of your records unlike credit card will keep track your spending transaction.

When you pay by credit card, the bank will have your consumption record. From then on, you can know your consumption pattern, your personality,  your preferences, the way you pay the debt and whether you pay it on time. In this way, you can increase the bank's trust in you.

As an user, when we spend our money at the same time we need to think about the credit and trust in bank. As a merchant, you can provides more payment options for your customer to pay.
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SEO Fundamental Tips!

Let's talk about SEO. In fact, SEO has the same principle that is put your ranking in front of Google.

If you want to get ahead of the list, you need to meet the following requirements:
  1. Make GOOGLE love you.
  2. Make GOOGLE think you're professional and reliable.
 And How to achieve these?

You need to ensure your website information is unique, quality and informative. The website must be well design, mobile responsive and the graphic is well loads in the technical perspective. Simply say if your website is well developed and quality. Your customers will like it, and Google will also like it.

When we talk about reliability,  it means that your website should not be too complex to sell.  If you are a flower company, you only need to sell flowers, and you don't need to sell anything else that has nothing to do with flowers. Make your website looks very expert in your field.

In fact, it is very simple to improve the ranking, as long as we follow the above two points as above.

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How IOS Android Development Cost?

When we create App for others, price is of an important factor of course. For example, how should we charge for an app like Ride Hailing or Taobao?

We charge it according to time. I will introduce the charge standard with an example in detail as follows.

Typically, App development requires two teams, as well as one designer. Designer help you design good interfaces. You also need to hire experts to do software testing. Software testing is important. Customers who download your App will delete it immediately if they feel uncomfortable while using it.  Make sure the App is attractive to customers.

All you need are five person. One person charge RM3,000 a month. If your App is complicated and needs spend three months for building. You need to spend RM45,000, which is the lowest price. Then it will charge according to  software complexity.
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Which Payment Gateway Best!

Which Payment Gateway Best!To be honest, payment gateway is collect money for your website. In fact, payment gateway belongs to the third-party payment website. Such as Wechat pay and Alipay. What we used a lot is Molpay and ipay88. There are all kinds of payment gateways in market.

Each price is very much the same. What’s the most important thing of choosing payment gateway?
  1. Their portal must be very user friendly to manage.
  2. Payment release cycle.
  3. High efficient. If you delete payment,  After-sales service should be handled in time.
Some companies will release money after ten (10) days, others needs you apply by yourself. So there ar  different operating systems included. You need to compare them and choose the best one for you.

Below are famous payment gateway:

Alipay, Wechat pay, Molpay, Ipay88
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Create Your Wechat official account!

Create Your Wechat official account!

Wechat official account is an another publicity platform. If your company sells products and your customer base is the public or the products are articles of daily use. Like that, Wechat official account is a perfect distributional channel for you.

Why? Because mobile phones are indispensable in nowadays, almost everyone surfing online. You can set up your own Wechat Official Account through Wechat.

When you post news,all of your fans will check it by booking subscribe. One of the greatest advantages is that it does not need to create a new website, only need to scan QR code to access your official account.
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Do You Have SSL for your Website?

Do You Have SSL for your Website?

SSL makes your website safer when transferring data and files. How to distinguish whether a website has SSL or not, we can realize by examine the site. If the site begins with http, it means there's no SSL, while https has SSL Certification.

What are the benefits of SSL?
  1. Your customer's registration information will be protected.
  2. The website looks more professional, and customers will increase their confidence to purchase from you.
Of course, you can start a website without SSL, but it is a sure thing that SSL will raise your company's competitiveness.
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Make Sure Your Hosting Company has Daily Backup For Your Website!

Make Sure Your Hosting Company has Daily Backup For Your Website!
Web Hosting and Email hosting is one thing virtually. In short, Hosting is a server, a host machine to store your website files, emails and data.

Check Your Backup Regularly...

Whenever you start a website you will have to subscribe for a web hosting. Some hosting company provide a flexiblity for you to pay by month or you can pay annually to enjoy discount.

Every web hosting will provide a backup solution and depend on your usage to upgrade. Normally web hosting will provide a daily backup and the data files is overwrite everyday. For some critical businesses such as banking, crypto hosting, they are usually go for hourly backup or mirroring backup.

One thing that we need to highlight is the webiste system backup. If you outsource your website, please remember request for a copy of full copy of your website and database for an emergency recovery purpose. If you have an internal IT department, please request them to backup the system before every new release published.
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